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RIC HALSTEAD                   SUE MOXON                      TUNJI BEIER

Ric Halstead has lead an extensive and varied International career as a professional musician encompassing Jazz. Blues, World Music, Brazilian and Latin music, Rock and Rhythm and Blues as a player, band leader,  teacher, producer, recording artist, session musician and music director.


Ric Halstead was very influential in the development of contemporary music in Papua New Guinea having worked with and tutored the  legendary “Sanguma” band at the National Arts School in Port Moresby from 1979 - 82.


He subsequently became an influential member of the Hong Kong scene and as Music Director for the prestigious “Jazz Club” from 1989 - 1995 worked with and performed with such international jazz and blues legends as Red Rodney, Nat Adderley, Georgie Fame, George Gruntz, Dr.Lonnie Smith, Norma Winstone, Jimmy Witherspoon, Gatemouth Brown, Mick Taylor, Elvin Bishop, Albert Collins etc. and performed in many Festivals around Asia and also the Montreal Jazz festival.


Ric was Festival Director for the 1st Hong Kong International Jazz & Blues Festival in 1992 which featured Albert Collins, John Scofield, The Phillip Morris Superband and the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band


Ric has recorded albums with Jimmy Witherspoon, Eddie Gomez, Eugene Pao, Jon Hendricks, Kenny Wheeler, Irene Reid etc as well as World Music band “Nogabe” and several albums under his own name.


In 2014 Ric produced and arranged an original song for Ethiopian singer Senayt Mebrahtu for Bemac which was released on the album Échoes’’.


Ric now lives on the Sunshine Coast and has played regularly with Barry Charles and the Deeper Beat and various groups lead by Linsey Pollak including The Cycologists, The Brides of Groove,  The Unusual Suspects and The Balkanics. Ric performed in Jalberto Maldonado’s Latin Quartet “Libre Son’’ “Contimba” and “The Groove Bros” and with Toni Zaffa’’s Soul/Funk band “Funkzilla’’.


 Ric performed regularly as guest saxophonist with the Ross Nixon Jazz Trio, Kit Cotters Çhillerado”.and The David Bentley Quartet.


Ric toured Australia and South Africa/Botswana with Rebecca o Connor’s ‘Simply the Best as Tina Turner’ Show as featured saxophonist performing the iconic solos from Tina’s greatest    hits.


In 2018 Ric performed on the “Rock the Boat” Cruise and at the Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues festival with “Brew’n the Blues”


 The newly formed trio “Halstead/Moxon/Beier” gives Ric a unique opportunity to explore his European roots and his love for creating melodic, colourful and emotional music.


Sue Moxon is a composer, multi instrumentalist and teacher whose style is influenced by ambient, world music, ethnic, minimalism, soundscapes and jazz. Performing music for Piano, Cello, Hang and Handpan, Drone Flutes and electronics, as well teaching piano, cello, violin, classical guitar, marimba, and drone flute

Currently Suzanne is playing in a trio with Tunji Beier and Ric Halstead that creates improvised pieces as well as performing compositions by Moxon

Common themes in her works are of regeneration, renewal and growth through transformation. Her music has depth, energy and diversity and has been used in short films such as Die Violine (premiere at Cannes Film Festival - short film section 2014), Site 281(trailer 2013) , The Suicide Projects (2011) and multimedia projects such as Broken - Harmony House (2002).

Moxon created a series of graded compositions for string orchestra, guitar ensembles as well as marimba groups. The pieces range from novice to advancing players and have been performed in schools as well as by various groups throughout Australia and the USA. Designed for players to focus on various aspects of ensemble playing ,they simultaneously hone technique. More detailed information on the series can be found on Moxon's website.

In 1987 she completed a Diploma in Music ,instrumental at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music before heading to Japan where she lived for eight years before returning in 1998 to Australia and settling on the Sunshine Coast where works as a composer, performer and instrumental teacher.

Of music and creativity Moxon states, 'Music is the way I express and share experiences and feelings.  Even more significantly, whenever I connect with people through music I feel a deep exchange taking place that is beyond words - this enriches my life and inspires me to continue creating and exploring the profound depths music offers'.


Tunji Beier was born in Papua New Guinea in 1970. He grew up in Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Germany and Australia. In his early years, growing up in Nigeria, he practically talked drums before he talked language. He started playing drums while he was a baby since he was so inspired by the power Of Yoruba drumming tradition.

At the age of five he went back to Papua New Guinea and at the age of eight moved to Australia for the first time. In 1980 Tunji went to Nigeria to study Yoruba drumming. In 1986 Tunji went to South India to study classical indian percussion and stayed there for three years to receive the highest mark in the state exam for percussion. Tunji is living in Australia.

Since 1990 Tunji has been living in Germany where he has had the opportunity to play with greats such as: Charlie Mariano, Bill Cobham, Iain Ballamy, Volker Jaekel, Stepanida Borissova, Ashley Slater, T.A.S.Mani, R.A.Ramamani, Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, Satsuki Odamura, Linsey Pollak, Markus Stockhausen, Schäl Sick Brass Band, Deishovida, Hulu Project, Xenos.